Here’s an example of how our media program works:
Your event has the opportunity and desire to advertise during local or regional television programming. But a top-notch television spot could cost your committee up to $5,000. That’s a pretty big bite out of a budget, for any sized committee. But what if there were 10 rodeos that wanted to produce a professional spot that shared that expense? That $5,000 expense instantly shrinks to $500. What if there were 20 rodeos? Now your spot is down to $250!

At Rodeo Insider we bare the initial burden of producing high impact, professionally prepared ads, and look for sponsor partners to help shoulder expenses. We include a spot for you to personalize the ad for your event, and amortize the production costs over hundreds of events. Once the expenses have been recovered, any revenues to go back to your rodeos to help increase purse sizes!