National Companies and Marketing Agencies have specific goals for their products and advertising programs. They are looking to target exact geographic areas, defined demographics, and particular time frames. Historically, many rodeos may have met a number of these needs but the inherent structure of the industry lead to problems.

The Old Way
A sponsor wants to be involved in rodeo but they’re not sure who to call, what’s available or how much to pay. It's all new territory for them. If they were looking for events in 30 markets, they would have to find those 30 events one by one, figure out how to contact the 30 committees, write 30 separate contracts and find a way to monitor those 30 events. Whew! Its doubtful they would try it for even 30 events, and it’s far to cost prohibitive for all but a few committed companies to become involved in 100 rodeos using this method.

The Insider Way
With the Rodeo Insider Sponsorship opportunity, the sponsor signs one contract for their involvement and then;