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Event committees are fluid. Changes in members, personal commitments or assignments are a regular occurrence. The Learning Center provides resources to bring new members up to speed, or to provide seasoned event veterans with in-depth information on improving their event.

The successful solutions and experience your committee has could provide others in the industry the answers to issues they face. This section of Rodeo Insider can quickly become your greatest source for learning from the success of others and sharing your accomplishments with the entire rodeo community.

The fact is, there are literally thousands of rodeos with great ideas. Now your idea can impact the entire industry. When you Join Rodeo Insider you’ll be able to tap into the vast knowledge and experience this industry has to offer.

If you have a great idea that has helped improve your rodeo and would like to share it with others, or you are looking for a great idea to help improve your event, the Learning Center Section of Rodeo Insider is the place.

After all - sometimes all you need is a fresh idea!

But wait... There’s even more

Rodeo Insider members also have full access to our Learning Center tools which include:

  • Articles on production, such as:
    • Ten Considerations for New Rodeos
    • How To Produce a Successful Rodeo
    • Insuring Your Rodeo
    • How To Handle Medical Incidents
    • How To Promote Your Rodeo
  • Webinars on key topics
  • Articles on Sponsorship you'll learn how to:
    • Approach the right sponsors.
    • Make a professional presentation.
    • Structure the best program for both you and the sponsor.
    • Close the deal.
    • Follow-up after your event.
    • Bring them back year after year.
  • Consulting Services

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Did you know that Rodeo Insider members are able to access the Media Center to review and select an ad from our library of professionally produced print, television and radio ads.

And Then..

All they have to do is let Rodeo Insider know their event specifics and the ads are customized for their rodeo!

And Then ...

They simply forward the customized ads to their local media outlets and they’re done!