Rodeo Insider is a group of industry professionals representing over 100 years of combined experience in rodeo production, marketing, sponsorship, administration, and promotion. We have worked with over 400 PRCA rodeos across the U.S. and Canada. We have negotiated with and represented a wide variety of national sponsors and programs.

As current and former PRCA competitors, NFR Qualifiers, PRCA Board and staff members, Rodeo Producers, and successful business people, our goal is to improve and protect the financial health of the sport of rodeo for competitors, contract personnel and independent rodeo committees.

We have watched for many years as the economic prosperity of the rodeo industry has deteriorated. The industry as a whole has a struggling economy and there has been relatively no growth. To date, no one has initiated or sustained any programs that have significantly contributed to the overall financial growth of the industry. There is an industry-wide epidemic of suffering due to the lack of new sponsorship revenue that benefit more than just a few select rodeos. No one has developed new sources of revenue to increase the added purse money at the majority of rodeos. The lack of industry support for the long standing rodeos that represent the core of our industry has been heart breaking. They have been isolated for so long that we are at risk of losing many of them.

Our mission is to stop the continued financial deterioration of the industry, to do everything within our power to stabilize, build, and protect the overall economy of the industry, and to bring a level of economic prosperity to the participants, contract personnel and independent rodeos that has never been attained before. ALL of our programs are designed to accomplish these objectives! We believe Rodeo as an industry has been looked upon to protect and represent the Great American Cowboy and the values and ideals he personifies. It is those core values that we choose to protect, embrace in our business practices and everyday life, and strive to promote through our activities.

We hope that you will join us in our quest.